Group Classes

Our Tango Group classes focus on fun and tango fundamentals for beginners and experienced dancers. Learn how to listen and interpret the music, find connection with a partner, lead and follow. Students will develop a strong foundation on which to build more tango. Take a forward step, back step and side step, and turn them into a tango!
Close to the Loop, Water Tower, Gold Coast, Streeterville, Lincoln Park and Mag Mile with easy access to public transportation.

As of the Summer of  2018 we will hold new Tango Class Sessions, we will start a new session every month, we will require a minimum of 8 students registered to start the new session, so we encourage the students who want to take the upcoming session to pre-register, we will then confirm or postpone the session accordingly and the pre-registered students will be notified prior to the initial class.


All classes are $20 (pay as you go) per person for an individual class if you are registered for a full session,  for drop-ins the price is $25 per class.


Advanced registration is required for Intro to Tango for the full month session. This fee covers only all Tuesdays consecutive classes in one mnth and cannot be carried over into another session. The price is  as follows:

Students must register for a 4-week session each month.

$80 for 4 week session / for  1 Tues class

$100 for 4 week session /for  2 Tues classes

$100 for  5 week-month session / for 1 Tues class

$125 for  5 week-month session /for  2 Tues classes

Which means $20 for one class / $25 for both if you register for a full month session.

This means that, if you are registered into a full monthly session for one class, you can take an extra class on the same day for additional $5 dollars, so long you are prepared to take the additional class if it is an upper skills dance level.

You may also purchase a Six week Pass for both classes on the same day for $140.00

Intro to Tango 101 – From 6:00 to 6:50 PM

Learn the basics and fundamentals of this beautiful artdance!

Super convenient and the best class for basics and building strong tango elemental skills! ATI (American Tango Institute)’s curriculum  will lead you to a higher level of tango!

Tango Development For All Levels – Tango 102 & 201 – From 7:00 to 7:50 PM

Develop a solid foundation of your dance and connection skills….

Expand your tango lingo, codes, etiquette and all the cultural nuances on which to build a better tango experience!

 Tango Intermediate Tango 202 (Variations) – From 8:00 to 8:50 PM

Beyond the Basics – Intermediate moves to take your tango to the next level! Giros, sacadas and boleos, oh my!


A partner is not necessary.

Students do not have to bring a partner. You can come alone because, during class, we rotate partners, so you will dance with several different dancers.


No special attire, except for hard-soled shoes. Sneakers, flip-flops, clogs or boots are not recommended, since you will not be able to pivot.

You do not have to have dance shoes or go out and buy tango shoes for Intro to Tango classes. As you progress you will want to look for good tango shoes for dancing. We do not recommend dressing up for our Tuesday classes; in a class you should be casual and comfortable.

Fundamentals and Basic Technique (F&B) is not just for beginners. F&B are things all dancers should work to improve.



Cash and checks are preferred. Credit card payments can be made using Paypal.

Please pre-register and/or pay for the next session by clicking the following button.

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