Argentine Tango classes in River North Tuesdays and Saturdays

at The Tango Loft

See life differently; dance tango!

 Close to the Loop, Water Tower, Gold Coast, Streeterville, Lincoln Park and Mag Mile with easy access to public transportation.

Dear friends of the tango,

The American Tango Institute is pleased to announce our 2017 Class Sessions.

Channel your positive energy towards educating, improving and strengthening your dance and tango skills and improving your life style at the same time! Sign up for tango lessons at ATI, now!

Join us to learn the tango and find the passion shared by so many in Chicago, the U.S. and all over the world!

The American Tango Institute is dedicated to teaching people how to listen to and understand the music of the tango, to learn the fundamental techniques of balance and change of direction in the dance, and to connect with their inner selves and then to their partners and to the other dancers on the dance floor.  With the understanding of these elements, a unique communication and harmony is created when the dance partners come together to share a sublime moment in time and space.

For those of you who have taken our classes before, we welcome you back!  And for those of you who have indicated your interest in beginning classes with us, we hope you’ll find a day, that fits into your schedule, so you can embark on the exciting journey of the tango.

As of the 2017 new Tango Class Sessions, we will start a new session evry six weeks, we will require a minimum of 8 students registered to start the new session, so we encourage the students who want to take the upcoming session to pre-register, we will then confirm or postpone the session accordingly and the pre-registered students will be notified prior to the initial class.


All classes are $15 (pay as you go) per person for an individual class if you are registered for a session,  for drop-ins the price is $20 per class.


Advanced registration is required for Intro to Tango for the full six week session. This fee covers only the 6 consecutive classes in one session and cannot be carried over into another session. The price is  $80.00

Seis Pass (6 Pass): You can purchase a “Seis Pass” which you can use towards the attending 6 different classes, or/and Milongas as you go.

If you are registered into a six week session for one class, you can take an extra class on the same day for additional $5 dollars, so long you are prepared to take the additional class if it is an upper skills dance level.

You may also purchase a Six week Pass for both classes on the same day for $110.00

We currently offer 3 Classes every Tuesday and one Class on Saturdays before our Milonga (Tango Dance)

Intro to Tango 101 – From 6:00 to 6:50 PM

Tango Development For All Levels – Tango 102 & 201 – From

7:00 to 7:50 PM


Tango Intermediate Tango 202 (Variations) – From

8:00 to 8:50 PM

 1 class on Saturday nights,

Followed by social dancing at 9 PM
8:00 PM All-Levels – Tango Exciting Combinations

9:00 PM Social Tango Dance  (Milonga)


A partner is not necessary.

Students do not have to bring a partner. You can come alone because, during class, we rotate partners, so you will dance with several different dancers.


No special attire, except for hard-soled shoes. Sneakers, flip-flops, clogs or boots are not recommended. You do not have to have dance shoes or go out and buy tango shoes for Intro to Tango classes. As you progress you will want to look for good tango shoes for dancing. We do not recommend dressing up for our Tuesday classes; in a class you should be casual and comfortable.

Fundamentals and Basic Technique (F&B) is not just for beginners. F&B are things all dancers should work to improve.



Cash and checks are preferred. Credit card payments can be made using Paypal.

Please pre-register and/or pay for the next session by clicking the following button.



Easy to get to, NOW WITH VALET PARKING! Also, close to pay parking lot and non-metered street parking.
Location:The Tango Loft, 314 W. Institute Place, a block and a half from the Chicago/Franklin Brown Line stop, or the #66 Chicago Ave. bus stop., 312-771-1226

Call to get code for discounted parking in corner lot.

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