Netza Roldan has developed a creative and innovative teaching method that provides dancers with the

basic techniques for interpreting their feelings through different tango rhythms. He has studied psycho-

motor skill development, rhythm and movement, psychosocial development of the human body, physical

conditioning and plyometric methodology for human body performance and development. He began

teaching the concept of integration of body and mind many years ago as a football coach for young

athletes in Mexico and was a pioneer in introducing ballet exercises as a part of his athletic training


Combining his knowledge and experience in athletic training with movement and rhythm techniques,

Netza has guided his tango students in discovering other facets of their projection and body coordination.

Profound belief in the ability of tango to enhance the human spirit and improve lives led Netza to create a

variety of educational and health programs based on dance and movement techniques. Through the

integration of tango dance concepts and fundamentals into other disciplines his methods strengthen the

body and mind and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Netza’s most influential international tango teachers have been: Eduardo and Gloria Arquimbau, Chicho

Frumboli and Paulo Araujo. Eduardo and Gloria Arquimabau instilled in him the tradition and the history of

the dance and dance composition. Paulo Araujo has given Netza invaluable instruction in body mechanics

and control of projection, the different levels of rotation and direction of the body. Chicho Frumboli has

influenced Netza with his more contemporary interpretation of the tango.